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Restore interior of my truck.

Karen Hendrickson Complete Interior Restoration Customer Review

I first with Garry by phone, getting a price to correct my Audi A5 Cabrioli handling headliners and we settled on a two day repair. Once there, I realized that this business handles a huge amount of makes, models, vintage and very high priced cars. That in itself is remarkable when you consider the amount of knowledge and experience it takes to successfully repair / remodel almost any interior you can give them. It too them only a day and a half for mine as promised, so I was able to leave early!! My advice is your time and your money there is no need to shop around because I doubt you will find anybody better. Take it here and know you’ll be glad you did. Gary

Gary Toulomelis Complete Interior Restoration Customer Review

This establishment is nothing short of phenomenal! To make a long story short, I acquired some interior upgrades for my vehicle. Rather than send it off to Gary (which is what I should've done in the first place) for installment, a trusted neighbor and certified mechanic insisted on completing the job and saving me tons of money and headache.... Sounds wonderful until you learn the hard way that just because someone is great under the hood, it doesn't necessarily equate the same skill level elsewhere. Just when we thought we were making progress, we took one step forward and a giant leap backward. That old adage of measuring twice and cutting once did not hold up well here. I was in a pretty big dilemma. I kept thinking back about a prior vehicle that Gary completed for me with flawless work. Why the heck didn't I just take it there to begin with? Well... Bent metal components, hacked leather and stripped special order bolts.... I was at my wit's end and thoroughly frustrated with the mechanic and situation. I called on the one person I knew I could trust, Gary Smith of Complete Interior Restoration. 'This is what happens when you have someone do something that they are not qualified for.' It was a stern message that reverberated like a father's scorn. I was nervous and had to skip town for an emergency trip within the next 3 days. I shamefully brought the components in all sorts of pieces. All I could do was retrace steps and try to explain to Gary what said mechanic did. I literally left the place a set of about 17 sets of different screws/bolts and interior pieces. I was almost certain this would be a lengthy project and I'd be picking up the finished product in about 4 weeks or so. I got a call less than 3 days later as I was packing the last item for my trip. 'Mr. Wellington... We have your items ready for pickup.' There is a level of professionalism and business acumen that exists within Complete Interior Restoration that I have not experienced before. These guys know what they are doing. They made hacked leather completely unnoticeable and seamless. They removed stripped bolts on special order bolts that were impossible to access with everyday tools. Best of all, they didn't drain my account in the process. I felt for the issue at hand and the intricacy level of the work, the price was very fair. The icing on the cake, they did not let me leave until the job was completed to my satisfaction. I drove away with a 3 week headache solved in less than 3 days. You can probably find half the quality of work these guys can do for twice the price in Atlanta. Don't waste your time shopping around because you'll only experience 'what happens when you have someone do something that they are not qualified for'.

Wellington O. Complete Interior Restoration Customer Review


Randavius B Complete Interior Restoration Customer Review

I am thrilled with the work Gary and his team did on my 2006 Porsche. They replaced the top, redid the seats and painted the switches that were scratched.. Car look brand new!

Paul Alar Complete Interior Restoration Customer Review

Gary and his team installed a canvas top and leather interior on my VW Cabriolet...I always get compliments at car shows for how good all this looks, and I would never go anywhere else.

Michael W. Complete Interior Restoration Customer Review

I own a 2005 Porsche Boxster and the top was not closing correctly. While at Porsche picking up a part I called the folks at Complete Interior and asked they were busy. They said they were but if I wanted to bring the car by they would take a look. Upon getting there Gary the owner reviewed the top and told me they could have the top fixed within two hours. I asked if there was a restaurant near by so I could get some lunch while the car was getting fixed. They suggested a place and were nice enough to drive me there and pick me up. Needless to say, the car was completed within the two hours and is working flawlessly. These guys are the folks Porsche use when their customers have issues with their tops. Thanks Gary and the rest of the team.

Gtr Play Google Review

Great! All around from start to finish, seamless no hassle quality repair. Thank you

Jane D. Complete Interior Restoration Customer Review

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